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What is the use of automatic cutting machine considerations?

by:Sunny     2020-04-25
Automatic cutting machine equipment before work, check the work if adjustment is in order, you need lubrication part, should inject grease in advance. After the automatic cutting machine work, timely cleaning equipment dust and paper scraps, inspection on cutting tools and grinding wheel, the row of net oil water block and water in the store jar, check whether there is any abnormal on running parts. What is the use of automatic cutting machine considerations? Automatic cutting machine use note: 1, before starting to ensure the correct voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent, stable. 2, before the equipment is ready to run, all staff must inform leave equipment, ensure the personal safety can only be switched on. 3, run, don't touch the running film roll or roller core, so as to avoid personal injury involved in the hand. 4, in the process of operation, avoid by all means use knife cut, cut the roll core or hard objects. Cutting machine tension control refers to the persistent, stable control of raw materials on the equipment transmission ability of tension. Basic for manual cutting machine tension control tension control, automatic tension control. The manual tension control is in the process of winding or put volume, when the roll diameter changes to a certain stage, adjusting the manual power installation by the operator. All of us at the time of operation using the automatic cutting machine, automatic cutting machine is the use of the points for attention are mainly described above these, we all need to correct way to operate automatic cutting machine.
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