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What is the purpose of the lunch box forming machine?

by:Sunny     2020-04-23
Lunch box forming machine is to use crop straw to make boxes, the cost of raw materials is very low, and the used boxes easy degradation in the natural environment, so it is necessary for us in the whole society. Lunch box forming machine is a kind of universal hot forming cutting unit, give priority to with vacuum forming, and empty molding pressure, molding and composite molding, processing a variety of thermoforming plastic sheets. Unit adopts full computer PLC control, has the advanced structure, stable performance, easy operation, high output, forming large area, high degree of automation, etc. Lunch box forming machine is mainly used for forming the PSP material, used in food boxes, trays, bowls, cups, etc all kinds of packaging products. This equipment is one of the biggest advantages is set the cutting one. To produce a finished product stacking directly collected. Lunch box forming machine in the process of production in addition to the advantages of saving energy and reducing consumption, and greatly save the working area, the production time and labor cost. Using fast food boxes mostly foam products, the material of the boxes in the natural environment is very difficult to degrade, therefore cause a certain degree of pollution to the environment. All of us at the time of lunch box forming machine in operation, we all need to pay more attention on these above, proper way to use lunch box forming machine operation.
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