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What are the product features 3 d carton forming machine?

by:Sunny     2020-04-27
Three-dimensional paper box forming machine is a special molding machine, it can produce a hamburger boxes, four box, food box, But to go) , chips box etc. Made of paperboard and corrugated paper cartons. So you know the three-dimensional paper box forming machine what are product characteristics? Machine 3 d carton of the product features as follows: 1. There are faults in the operation, the screen display. 2. Have insurance, unexpected situations can be automatically rebound. 3. Can be automatically solve the running deviation. 4. Double servo motor, high precision, can be folded to the end. 5. Side need not do die, box size can be adjusted freely. 6. Simple operation, stable performance, safe, fast. 7. Scroll to fold ear does not rebound. Stereoscopic machine carton of the product characteristics is described above these, all of us at the time of operation using three-dimensional paper box forming machine, we all need to understand the characteristics of the device, correct method using the three-dimensional paper box forming machine is all of us need to know.
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