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What are the precautions for three-dimensional box forming machine?

by:Sunny     2020-04-26
Three-dimensional box forming machine is using screw thrust, will have plasticizing good molten plastic injection into the closure of the mold cavity, after curing finalize the design the product process. Three-dimensional box forming machine is very widely used, its working principle is similar to an injection with a syringe. So all of us in the three-dimensional paper box forming machine for maintenance, what are the items we are all we need to pay attention to? Note: 1 of 3 d carton forming machine. Circuit: pay attention to the circuit board cleaning, dust regularly cleaned and weak electric box, stay dry electric box, prevent to be affected with damp be affected with damp. 2. Machine: the machine transmission parts for wear phenomenon, check each nozzle without blocking phenomenon, and butter. 3. Oil: check each part of the oil with and without leakage phenomenon, timely processing. Prevent the piston rod scratches and deterioration of oil. 3 d carton forming machine can produce burger box, four box, food box, But to go) , chips box etc. Made of paperboard and corrugated paper cartons. The machine structure is firm, quality assurance, low noise, high efficiency. All of us in operating the three-dimensional paper box forming machine, we all need to pay attention to the points above, proper operation using three-dimensional paper box forming machine.
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