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What are the performance characteristics of cutting machine?

by:Sunny     2020-05-12
Paper cutting machine is wide roll slitting and rewinding paper into varying widths, coil diameter size of paper processing equipment. Paper cutting machine widely used in paper processing industry or before printing post-press equipment. What are the performance characteristics of cutting machine? 1. Paper cutting machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen, magnetic powder clutch type tension control, center winding way. 2. Host is to use frequency control of motor speed. Can automatic meter, alarm, stop. Tension all digital display on touch screen. 3. Roll adopts photoelectric automatic correction ( Or ultrasonic action) Revised paper edge tidy, make irregular material cutting and properly. 4. Circular knife ( Or straight knife) Longitudinal cutting, waste and automatic discharge device. 5. With A and B shaft winding ( Inflatable) 。 6. Manual ( Or pneumatic) Feeding scroll with a taper sleeve type inflatable axis ( 3 'or 6') 。 Cutting machine is a kind of wide paper, mica tape or thin film materials, machinery and equipment, cutting into multiple narrow commonly used in paper making machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. Cutting machine is mainly used in the mica tape, paper, insulation material and film cutting, especially suitable for the ribbon cutting. Cutting machine is a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil, mica tape, etc. Various kinds of thin material cutting into different width smaller volume before printing, post-press equipment, often used in paper making machinery and printing and packaging machinery cutting machine from single to double motors, motor control three motor development, under the condition of machine speed is more stable and efficient. We use cutting machine in operating, we all need to know the score cutter these characteristics above, right method to use cutting machine is all of us need to understand.
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