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What are the functions of lunch box forming machine?

by:Sunny     2020-04-24
Lunch box forming machine is a kind of hydraulic pressure servo drive for the integration of automatic cutting and stacking machine is mainly used in food, medical supplies, electrical components, tourism supplies, children's toys, textiles and other packaging. What are the functions of lunch box forming machine? Lunch box forming machine function is introduced as follows: 1, heating parts: heating box all packed in cotton stone soil, use ceramic tile, radiation heating box can be moved around, and convenient maintenance. Part 2, feeding, feeding way, pneumatic feeding, double feeding alternating axial feeding, simple operation, safety. The length of the feeding is controlled by photoelectric switch. 3, molding parts: forming method using the most close to the vacuum, pressure air, composite forming die. Vacuum pump is Germany import vacuum pump; The hydraulic station of the lower die is a separate control. 4, blanking parts: hydraulic automatic control, the maximum pressure of 60 tons, workbench controlled by photoelectric switch. Part 5, stacking collection system: stacking by PLC automatic control, set arbitrary number of stacking, automatic stacker. 6, waste winding: control method using photoelectric switch control. Lunch box forming machine is forming blanking and finished product collection integration, reduce work link, to produce a product can be directly collected stacking, thus save the basis of save the working area of the production time. Lunch box forming machine is described above these, are the two main functions of these features are all of us need to know, the right way to operate lunch box forming machine is every one of us need to master.
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