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What are the basic requirements with cutting machine?

by:Sunny     2020-05-23
Common cutting machine cutting way in general are: flat knife slitting circular knife cutting, extrusion and cutting, the three ways. All of us at the time of cutting machine operation, you know we can use for cutting machine environment, operation requirements and matters needing attention, maintenance of these four aspects to do a simple introduction. So you know what are the basic requirements with cutting machine? 1, the use of cutting machine environment requirement: the machine should be installed in the appropriate temperature, dry and ventilated place, the light is good, convenient operation. In addition, in the course of everyday use, should keep using the environment clean and tidy, also want to often clean the machine, keep it clean. 2, the use of cutting machine operation requirements: to use high-quality slitting knife and cross-cutting knife; The machine to the whole volume or the entire fixed length cutting and processing raw materials; Machine fixed length cutting control should be divided into static and dynamic cutting two; Important performance index fixed-length cutting machine is cutting precision, length of finished good consistency. 3, the use of cutting machine maintenance: electrical parts to check, clean, and promptly eliminate hidden dangers; For rotational parts for periodic inspection, cleaning and lubrication, particularly for vulnerable parts to check and change; Make sure that the machine fasteners without loose; To ensure the sliding parts of the machine in good condition. 4, the use of cutting machine's note: before starting to ensure the correct voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent, stability; Before the machine is ready to run, all staff must inform to leave, to ensure the personal safety can only be switched on. We use cutting machine in operating, in daily life, we need to raise awareness of the safety of operating personnel and technology level, to the comprehensive overhaul and maintenance on the machine on a regular basis. We are all in the use of cutting machine, use the cutting machine mainly described above is the basic requirement.
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