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What are factors influencing the cutting machine safety?

by:Sunny     2020-05-03
Cutting machine is a kind of will be cut into several narrow wide paper, mica tape, materials, mechanical equipment, commonly used in paper making machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. The safety of the cutting machine is our the problems of attention, cutting machine can't normal for safety work, so what are the factors influencing the cutting machine safety? 1. The double button operation principle. This requires two button is pressed at the same time, the cutter motor won't action, ensure the absolute safety of single operation. 2. Brakes. Many manufacturers in order to save money, using circuit brake principle, namely by upper and lower limit position transducer to cut off the cutter brake motor power supply. 3. Above factors affect the safety of using process, so attention should be paid to replace the blade in the maintenance, maintenance, use the tool post, make sure the blade edge is closed, both the safety of the guarantee, also ensure the blade is not damaged. 4. Moreover, unload the blades must not be put on hold, at avoiding hurt to human. 5. In the process of actual use, often two people cooperate with operation, in this way, the situation will become very dangerous, this requires a paper cutter configuration before and after safety cover. When the safety cover is opened, the motor won't action, to ensure safety. We use cutting machine in operating, general safety factors affect the cutting machine mainly described above these, correct operation method cutting machine is all of us need.
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