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Web crosscutting captain inaccurate processing method

by:Sunny     2020-05-08
Roll paper cut machine for transmission control in a different way, cross-cutting machine mechanical cut machine and computer controlling. Computer cross-cutting machine is controlled by industrial control computer, according to the set length, control knife shaft operation to cut off the cardboard, combined with the precision of mechanical part of transmission, can be in paper cutting error control & # 177; Within 1 mm. Computer-controlled cross-cutting machine screw knife cut machine, straight knife cut machine. Spiral knife cut machine is more suitable for high speed cutting cardboard, and paper cutting is smooth, blades, long service life. Improving operator's technical quality and level, for to do specialist is responsible for the operation of the control part, without permission anyone may operate on its own. Embossing before starting to power the firmness, grinding wheel knife switch, the detailed inspections cover or safety baffle, work station must be solid, homework should be sufficient lighting at night, after being confirmed safe are allowed to start. Paper cut machine working normally, accurate cutting, cutting machine cutting a head must be close to the cutting machine fixture clamping, then hand cutter torque hand slowly down strength, embossing machine does not cut at the beginning of sudden strength, so as not to damage the cutting grinding wheel and grinding wheel piece of flying out of hurt. Embossing after work should switch off the power, the door is locked, open-air homework should do well in rain of prevention measures. Not allowed to replace the grinder engaged in grinding operations with embossing machine. Roll paper cut machine belongs to the carton processing machinery. Cadre of cross-cutting machine of corrugated board production line is the cardboard cutting machinery equipment for final product, indentation machine technology? Performance and equipment adjustment status directly affect the finished board cutting size is accurate and pressure is broken and the incision is smooth and beautiful appearance. To make maintenance and maintenance work. First of all, the daily maintenance to reach the designated position, its principle is, lubrication, cleaning, cleaning, Clean, without sundry) In place to ensure that the equipment of the sliding parts in good condition. Followed by the maintenance work on rotating parts must carry on the regular and irregular inspection ( Especially to the vulnerable parts to real-time monitoring) 。
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