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Three methods of cutting and cutting machine, what are their respective features, A)

by:Sunny     2020-05-14
In the cutting process can be roughly divided into three kinds of methods: flat knife slitting circular knife cutting, extrusion and cutting. Flat knife cutting is the same as razor, one blade or double blade fixed on a fixed tool post, knife sets in data operation process, that the sword will data longitudinal incision, cutting in order to achieve the purpose. Razor cutting and there are two ways: one is grooving cutting; One is hung up cutting. Grooving cutting material is run in the groove roller, the knife fell on his sword slot roller slot, the data of the longitudinal incision, data at the moment in groove roll Angle, drift is not easy to attack. Cutting and stretch again PP film or the edge of a narrow membrane, commonly used this method of cutting, can cut power improvement points. But about the impending cutting, its defect is compared against the knife. Dangling cutting is data through between the two rollers, razor drop data longitudinal incision, data at the moment is in a relatively unstable condition, thus cutting accuracy than cutting die cutting and slightly worse, but this method of cutting knife is convenient, the operation is convenient. Main suitable cutting flat cutter cutting thin plastic film and composite membrane.
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