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Three methods of cutting and cutting machine, what are their respective features, 2)

by:Sunny     2020-05-14
Circular knife cutting: round knife cutting can be divided into tangential cutting and the tangential cutting. Tangential cutting for the tangent of the data from two disc knife cutting, the cutting of cutter convenient comparison, cutting disc and the disc cutter can request according to the cutting width, simply adjust the position directly. Its defect is data representation is simple in the cutting attacks drift, so accuracy is not high, now usually don't have to. Is the tangential cutting data and the cutting disc must be Angle, the disc knife, cut data. The cutting method can make the data is not easy to drift, high cutting precision. But the knife is not very convenient, cutting disc device, the shaft must be removed. Circular knife cutting and appropriate cutting thick composite film and paper class. Extrusion cutting: die cutting and slitting machine does not see more at home, it is mainly by the speed synchronization and data and materials are bound to the bottom of the Angle of pneumatic knife roller and convenient adjustment. The cutting method not only can provide cutting and contrast thin plastic film, also can cutting and contrast of thick paper, non-woven fabric, etc. Is a convenient method of cutting. Is cutting machine cutting method is a development direction.
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