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Three-dimensional box forming machine is the application scope of what?

by:Sunny     2020-04-26
Three-dimensional paper box forming machine is a special molding machine, it can produce a hamburger boxes, four box, food box, But to go) , chips box etc. Made of paperboard and corrugated paper cartons. Carton machine machine a variety of forms, the current paper box factory use more paper box forming machine: heaven and earth cover paper box forming machine, paper box forming machine, smoke wine box box forming machine, etc. Three-dimensional box forming machine is mainly used in mobile phone boxes, watches boxes, jewelry box, box molding production of a device. Not only saves in using of human resources, in terms of production area allocation, also played a big role. Three-dimensional box forming machine production line is suitable for the packaging industry, such as sweet box, electronic product packaging, high-grade shoe box, cosmetics box, tea box, etc. Stereoscopic machine carton of the wide scope of application, mainly reflected in these places, we all need to correct way to operate three-dimensional paper box forming machine. Carton such as drawer box, such as white wine box is often used in high-end liquor, its bottom is square rectangle. In Chinese patent literature CN104842586A box forming machine, paper box forming machine consists of frame
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