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The use of the thin film slitting machine have?

by:Sunny     2020-04-24
Cutting machine structure is compact and reasonable, beautiful appearance; Grey iron casting base, side plate, solid and reliable. Winding adopts double gas rose axis direction center winding way up and down, winding, volume of clamping and knife shaft, roller movement full pneumatic control, convenient operation and quick. All of us at the time of operation film slitting machine, we usually use what method is there? Film slitting machine using method is as follows: 1, the paper adopts photoelectric automatic struggle is compiling system. Driving system consists of pneumatic, photoelectric sensor and other central control 2, this machine integrates light, electricity and gas. Easy to operate. Truncated precision is high. Mechanical stability. Manual feeding, Or pneumatic automatic feeding) Put a scroll with a taper sleeve type 3 gassing axis, and low noise. 3, motor variable frequency speed regulation, automatic counting and alarm parking, magnetic powder tension control. 4, can be longitudinal section cutting, waste removal using fan automatically excluded. HHJX1100 type computer high-speed cutting machine performance and features: 5, the machine adopts microcomputer control, magnetic powder clutch type tension control. Center for coiling way; 6, the host USES frequency control, automatic meter. Report to the police, and other functions. With A and B shaft winding ( Inflatable) , and characteristics of A4 copy paper cutting machine. Film cutting machine adopts frequency control of motor speed. Automatic meter, alarm, etc. With A and B shaft winding ( Inflatable) 。 We correct use of thin film slitting machine, we can according to the use of the above method to operate film slitting machine, correct way to operate the cutting machine are all we need.
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