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The role of the lunch box forming machine, and performance

by:Sunny     2020-04-23
Lunch box forming machine is a kind of universal vacuum forming unit, give priority to with vacuum forming, mould pressing and comprehensive forming, and can be processed almost all of the thermoforming plastic, the machine has reliable stability, easy operation, high yield, high degree of automation, etc. Quick vacuum forming all kinds of open thin-walled container products, such as all kinds of western food dish, snack box, rainbow noodle bowl, candy, cake, ice cream cups, cake products, decorating plate, art in relief, etc. Lunch box forming machine according to user requirements product particularity in blow moulding or vacuum forming, punching, punching, automatic process operation, advanced technology, convenient operation, avoid labor consumption in punching and working staff contact with pollution, ensure the product quality requirements in the process of production, the equipment is used for heating plate production power consumption is small, the exterior covers an area of small, economical and practical, widely used in food, medicine, hardware and other industries production. Lunch box forming machine used in PVC, PET, PS, PETG medicine tray and lid molding boxes and other plastic products. Lunch box forming machine is adopt frequency control of motor speed, arbitrary adjustable, mould replacement is simple, the servo motor traction and reliable operation. All of us at the time of lunch box forming machine in operation, the performance of the above is all of us need to understand and use, we all need to correct way to use lunch box forming machine operation.
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