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The preferred global group buy cutting rewinding machine

by:Sunny     2020-05-23
The cutting and rewinding machine, it is a kind of papermaking equipment, its purpose is to paper machine production out of paper roll ( Referred to as the base paper roll) In turn, rewinding, the paper made into finished products after rewinding paper factory. At present, the cutting and rewinding machine with ac drive instead of dc transmission in the cutting and rewinding machine industry has become a development trend. By the roll of paper machine rolls of paper roll is more soft, there may be damaged or broken, the internal side edge is not neat, paper width and cannot be used directly in paper processing or printing machine, such as most of the paper ( Such as newsprint, letterpress printing paper, wrapping paper, etc. ) Must go through cutting and trimming, slitting, rewinding machine joint, heavy volume on the paper roll core formed a certain specification, a certain tightness requirements of the finished paper roll to the factory. Global group, zhejiang machinery co. , LTD. , located in zhejiang wenzhou pingyang county wanquan industrial zone, 30 years to focus on: cutting machine, cut machine, A4 paper cutter and other equipment of the production, sales and service. Due to the high degree of automation equipment, high quality and low price, selling: the sun paper, paper, well spring five-star paper, paper, star paper, paper, nanjing Beijing south sugar paper and other domestic enterprises, and exported to: Africa, the americas, the Middle East, Latin America, southeast Asia, Chile, djibouti, India, Iran, Jordan, Russia, Algeria, Angola, and other countries and regions. “ Global group & # 8221; In line with the & # 8220; Vision, quality as treasure & # 8221; Spirit of enterprise, walk the road of independent innovation, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and design concept, has formed a complete system of the machine and its key parts and components manufacturing, the structure of the equipment in the industry leading position.
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