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The difference between the roll paper cut machine and A4 paper cutter

by:Sunny     2020-05-10
Drum paper cut machine reel paper cut machine applicable to the white paper, gold and silver cardboard, element face rainbow paper, laser anti-counterfeiting positioning paper, roll material such as plastic sheet of longitudinal and transverse cutting. Web crosscutting electrical brain points by the international advanced technology of industrial control computer, 5. 5' Color digital display, imported frequency converter, photoelectric sensor, ac servo motors and drives, etc. There are advanced control mode, the host, servo motor and feed motor speed, centralized control by computer could be run with step, a truncated high precision, high speed, convenient loading, and configurable paper wet, dry, leveling system, make the paper flat, finalize the design. A4 paper cutter A4 paper cutter is a traditional product, is used to handle the printing paper cutting in the late demand. From mechanical cutter to tape controlled paper cutter, and development to the microcomputer program control, color display, image guided visualization operation processing and the computer aided cutting external programming and editing the production data of cutting system, make the production preparation time is shorter, higher cutting precision, lower Labour intensity, and safe operation. The operation of the cutter is simpler, the request is not high also to the environment. In a general office work with power supply to ensure the power supply. General paper cutter with automatic switch system, as long as among the lost past paper, paper cutting machine will automatically rotate the paper cut. Also some paper cutter is need to press the start button, paper cutting machine will be turning, may continue to cut the paper. After shredding, reverse key, press the stop to rotate the paper cutter to stop.
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