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The cutting and rewinding machine with paper is caused by what factors?

by:Sunny     2020-05-19
Cutting and the cutting and rewinding of rewinding machine installation, machine when unpacking the case check the integrity of machine, check for damage in the transport phenomena, such as checking condition after can be installed on the flat solid foundation for correct level. All of us at the time of operation using the cutting and rewinding machine, rewinding machine with paper is commonly caused by what factors? 1: the speed ratio is different, some manufacturer in order to save cost, do the appearance of fine lines, measures for the processing of large grain do sandwich also has created the problem of rewinding machine with paper. 2: raw material pass, not use cheap half wood pulp large shaft, due to the impurities, in use process is easy to appear on paper. Rewinding machine lifting mechanism should be steady lifting, parallel ups and downs, bottom knife roller, knife shaft should be parallel to the bottom roller, and the distance from the bottom roller should be accurate, flexible rotation. After the cutting and rewinding machine installation calibration level, a comprehensive check all parts are intact, the coupling bolts are tight and reliable, and parts are flexible, and then in the lubrication parts corresponding lubricating oil filling, PuQing purification check finished refueling confirmed rear can boot.
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