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The cutting and rewinding machine structure analysis of the underlying principle

by:Sunny     2020-05-20
The cutting and rewinding machine in modern packaging industry, slitting machine analogy is used often by prepress and post-press processing important equipment, prepress main raw materials, cutting, such as paper, plastic film, etc. The most common application of complex printing process in the slot of slitting machine will use a fixed width of the graphic printing, slitting composite membrane as scrap film roll in order to comply with the back of the automatic packing and bag making process. Development of flexible automation, and the low efficiency when consumer goods manufacturers to focus on the decrease of the intermediate links, pollution, some manufacturers process of gradual change, a higher level of automation instead of manual packing automatic packing line. Requires from time to time to increase the knife position more and more important, slitting machine working efficiency higher requirements. The cutting and rewinding machine in the process of cutting, the stability of the tension system, ensure product quality is an important indicator, it controls the lifting, traction, slitting and rewinding tension between, each other, information has been in a stable state in the process of cutting slot. If the tension is appropriate control, can prevent the raw data in the machine in the deformation, acceleration and deceleration set drift phenomenon. Relieve tension is slightly larger than normal tension reel shutdown. Before the sword mostly use magnetic clutch to control tension, but not the electromagnetic clutch, magnetic powder is easy to form high speed friction, high temperature, shorten the life of their own, and in severe trapped, blocked the operate the machine. With the implementation of the technology, using the servo drive technology, now mostly use vector frequency conversion motor control quality slitting machine tension system, the application will automatically detect the pendulum roller, intuitive interface, tension system more stable, safe, easy to operate. The efficiency of the cutting and rewinding machine, and many people feel the work efficiency of slitting machine slitting machine only and speed, this is not true, I thought of the slitting machine efficiency is related to the following factors: cutting speed, the rate of waste, not operation requires time and stability. Slitting machine, cutting speed, of course, is an important indicator of efficiency, but if the scrap rate lower, not only formed the whole work efficiency, also can form cost rise. Also, if not operation takes a long time, such as: transmission machine, knife, tools, refueling, joints, volume change, dealing with problems consume a long time, just progress speed slitting machine, is meaningless. Slitting machine is stable, needless to say, will not only affect the efficiency of the machine, but also can affect the product quality, but also can form a process of trouble, don't want to waste. So the efficiency of the slitting machine is a comprehensive concept.
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