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The cutting and rewinding machine maintenance

by:Sunny     2020-05-18
To make the cutting and rewinding machine to work properly, cutting out high quality of finished products, should be periodically check the status of each part of the machine and all lubricating points. The cutting and rewinding machine use environment machine using the environment is good or bad directly affects the characteristics of electric equipment and parts and service life, equipment installation environment should be: 1. Good indoor ventilation. 2. The environment temperature & # 8212; 10℃ +40℃ 。 3. Try to avoid high temperature high humidity, humidity less than 90% RH, no rain water spray. 4. Avoid direct sunlight. 5. No flammable, corrosive gas and liquid. 6. Installed base is fixed and no vibration. 7. No electromagnetic interference, away from the interference sources. Cutting and the cutting and rewinding rewinding machine, machine installation and use of adjust the cutting and rewinding machine when unpacking the case check the integrity of machine, check for damage in the transport phenomena, such as checking condition after can be installed on the flat solid foundation for correct level. After installation calibration level, overall check all parts are intact, all connecting bolts are tight and reliable, parts are flexible, and then in the lubrication parts infuse relevant lubricant, check the rear can boot confirmed the refueling, first read carefully before starting the included instructions. Open the first slow running, everything is normal after improvement points and cutting speed straight to normal slowly.
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