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The cutting and rewinding machine industry in our country development countermeasures

by:Sunny     2020-04-30
Since China's wto entry, domestic paper machinery enterprises seize the great opportunities, obtained the rapid development and progress. Accelerate the pace of technological innovation, the development of series products; Vigorously implement the export strategy, technology upgrade to seek new way; Explore new model machine research and development in our country is imminent. The cutting and rewinding of machine in our country main export areas concentrated in Asia, many countries are also facing the adjustment of product structure, high-grade, complete sets of paper machinery demand will gradually expand. Beneficiary countries after the quota cancel effective growth markets will become the paper machinery, paper machinery to grasp the development opportunity after quota age, after the quota to speed up the implementation of the export trade benefit from region, expand market share. Gradient shift strategy implementation of export products, change the way of trade, is the effective way to expand the paper machinery market share. Paper machinery in our country there is a certain gap compared with developed countries, but with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and other toilet paper compared trading powers, has obvious advantages. Especially in the toilet paper on the complete set of complete, polyester fiber complete sets of equipment, and printing and dyeing equipment all have a certain competitiveness, accelerate the implementation of gradient transfer of products, and more direct investment in the region, vigorously implement the export strategy, technology upgrade to seek new way, in order to improve the international market competitiveness. After China's accession to the WTO to increase the protection of intellectual property rights, and from the threat of new technical barriers to trade protection policy in developed countries, through the traditional means of generic and simple technology import is unlikely to continue to support demand for technology in textile machinery industry. So to speed up the implementation of merger and acquisition strategy, the paper machine developed region characteristic enterprise implement industry mergers and acquisitions, direct access to advanced technology, continuous product and technology upgrades to seek new pattern.
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