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The cutting and rewinding machine fault detection

by:Sunny     2020-05-20
1, the cutting and rewinding machine can be used in the signal of mechanical condition monitoring and fault diagnosis with vibration diagnosis, sample analysis, temperature monitoring and non-destructive testing inspection is given priority to, other techniques or methods is complementary. 2, the cutting and rewinding machine in terms of the analysis of the vibration signal processing, in addition to the classical statistical analysis, time and frequency domain analysis, time-series model analysis and parameter identification, refining technology, has developed the frequency, resonance demodulation analysis, cepstrum analysis of 3 d holographic spectrum analysis, axis path analysis, and based on the assumption of the non-stationary signal short-time Fourier transform, the Winger distribution and wavelet transform, etc. 3, the cutting and rewinding machine embedded technology and the development of the emerging of virtual instrument technology, fault diagnosis device and equipment have through the original analog instrumentation development to the present computer based real-time online monitoring and fault diagnosis system and portable monitoring and analysis system based on microcomputer.
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