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The cutting and rewinding machine experts simply cutting process

by:Sunny     2020-05-22
1, an overview of the cutting is indispensable in soft package production procedure, with the application of automated packaging equipment is more and more widely, more and more soft package materials with roller factory, the requirements of more and more is also high cutting quality and precision. Soft package material itself, on the other hand, the more diversification, material also more and more, without characteristics of material has higher requirement for cutting. Cutting process is the large volume of the original film through the cutting and rewinding machine cutting and processed into the required specifications, the equipment used in the cutting and cutting machine. In soft package material processing technology, cutting and the effect is as follows. 1. Trimming; Excision procedure in the production of the required process edge material under 2. Cutting; Wide materials through cutting into multiple small volume material, in order to meet the packaging specifications. 3. Volume classification; Large diameter roll material into many small volume diameter, easy to use. 4. Rewinding; Which changes the material material winding direction and will not be neat and tidy, make the large volume of small volume.
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