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The cutting and rewinding effect, receive a scroll effect factor is what

by:Sunny     2020-05-04
Affecting the cutting and rewinding receive a scroll output torque factor is studied, using the method of theory analysis and experiment validation to determine the ideal value of the input pressure and the output torque, for the cutting and rewinding machine provides the basis for the design and application, has certain theory and practical application value. The role of the cutting and rewinding receive a scroll is on a shaft cutting of various materials after winding into many volume reel material, accept the size of the scroll winding torque determines winding quality and consistency. According to the cutting and rewinding machine applicable materials, membrane width, minimum cutting width and material volume parameters such as diameter, it is concluded that the output of each slip ring torque range and accuracy requirement, and provide a basis to determine the parameters of slip shaft. Cutting rewinding receive a scroll of slip ring and the relationship between surface roughness and friction torque theory qualitative analysis and the experimental verification, determine the most suitable for the roughness of the slip ring material, in order to achieve the ideal working condition. Through the theoretical analysis method to determine the sliding key types of material. Using experiment method to determine slip best prescription of key materials, keep ptfe good high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, non-stick features, for its low wear resistance, hardness is low, easy to improve the mechanical properties of the cold flow and satisfy the sliding key output torque requirements such as stable and consistent, wear-resisting, ensure the consistency of product quality. According to the requirements of practical work, through the linearization performance curve, make slip shaft input pressure and the output torque of the actual value is close to the theoretical value, to achieve the required accuracy, guarantee the quality of winding.
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