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The core of the roll paper cutting machine and advantage

by:Sunny     2020-05-10
Paper cutting machine is very powerful in drum cutting equipment, has a stable running, convenient operation, high speed, high precision, strong adaptability, yield higher characteristic, in the paper, paper trade, are widely used printing industry. Paper cutting machine core institutions could become roll cutting parts, including volume, traction and cutting part. Put the volume is achieved by pulling the passive volume. Paper cutting machine for high traction and cutting requirements. 1. System as a whole cutting speed is high, in the weak magnetic runtime like running at low speed, fast response, speed stability. 2. Drawing part according to the users of the given speed adjusting cutting speed, guarantee the smooth operation, low noise. 3. Set knife roller according to cutting speed, cutting length and blade number control of speed, precision cut out paper length, error in 0. 5 mm or less. GK800 drive control of paper cutting machine knife roller, in use has the following advantages: 1. By using the vector control of high precision and a unique low, weak magnetic control implement, high speed without differentiation, fast response speed. 2. Precise position control, speed stability, paper flat after cutting, no burr, error control in 0. Within 3 mm. 3. According to the paper cutting length dynamically modify the frequency converter in electronic gear parameters to achieve real-time adjust the knife roller rotation speed. 4. With traction motor synchronization, real-time pulse error within four; Smooth start-stop process, no difference accuracy and high speed cutting paper.
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