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The characteristics of high speed cutting and rewinding machine and using range

by:Sunny     2020-04-23
Author: admin published on: 2015 - 06 - 25 clicks: toilet paper is an indispensable part of people life, the corresponding production of toilet paper machine, is indispensable in people's life. Papermaking machinery has a lot of such as: rewinding machine, burning machine, health machine and so on. On the basis of the people and developed the high-speed cutting and rewinding machine, the sound of the name will know that, relative to that of general cutting rewinding machine, speed is more quickly. Fully automatic high-speed cutting rewinding machine features: 1. Frame type automatic high-speed cutting rewinding machine adopts PLC touch screen control, automatic taper tension, the center surface coiling. 2. Host USES three motor frequency conversion vector control, balance of acceleration in the operation. Automatic meter alarm function. 3. Winding with A and B inflatable shaft structure, finished automatically unmounted. Roll adopts photoelectric automatic deviation correction system, the irregular material cutting or properly ( Gas sensitive hydraulic type of edge system) 。 4. Automatic drain waste side. 5. Hydraulic automatic feeding device without shaft type. Scope: automatic high-speed cutting rewinding machine automatic high-speed cutting rewinding machine is suitable for all kinds of super large drum materials such as: drench the membrane paper, carbon-free paper, cigarette package paper, kraft paper, cellophane, paper, two-side glue, such as white paper, PVC plastic coil slitting, rewinding, etc. The above is the overview about the cutting and rewinding machine, more focus on global group, zhejiang machinery co. , LTD. HTTP: / / http://www. 高堡。 Co /, we will not be updating content regularly.
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