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The advantages of snack box forming machine have?

by:Sunny     2020-05-02
Using fast food boxes mostly foam products, the material of boxes in the natural environment is very difficult to degrade, cause a certain degree of pollution to the environment. Lunch box forming machine is to use crop straw to make boxes, the cost of raw materials is low, the used boxes easy degradation in the natural environment, it is necessary to popularization in the whole society. So you know snack box forming machine what are the advantages of the? The advantages of snack box forming machine is as follows: 1. Blanking station mobile: the walking motor drive, is conducive to change mould, save the time of the mould. 2. Heating area increases as the three areas, heating, forming mold, hydraulic system with three cylinders, so that the production efficiency by past 12 mold per minute, up to 20 mode, output by a factor of 1. 3. In the cutting area, stacking area installed static eliminator, eliminate in the forming process of static electricity. Ensure the safety production. 4. A conveyor belt around each and realize automatic stacker, reduce labor intensity. 5. Extract snack box upwards, if not be caught out, does not affect the next action. Snack box forming machine is mainly described above these, the advantages of all of us need to snack box forming machine of these advantages are need to know, know. Snack box forming machine is composed of hydraulic pressure, vacuum and pneumatic three control system, make products more beautiful, generous. Snack box forming machine design humanization, simple operation, safe and convenient maintenance.
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