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The advantages of cutting rewinding machine

by:Sunny     2020-05-19
The operation is simple, one can open a machine or even a few machine, avoid the waste of human resources, saving the cost of production. Adopt integrated set of man-machine interface control, data collection, set a simpler, more reasonable is can at any time in the process of cutting into the adjustment. The Europe and the United States, Japan imported PLC, electric and pneumatic parts, seals, bearing and other important or high wear and tear strength, increase the reliability of the roll paper cutting machine, prolong the service life of mechanical equipment. You will enjoy lifelong maintenance. Set up automatic alarm system, once appear, fault, rings, warning signal fault diagnosis report will show on the man-machine interface at the same time, the operator through the failure report and can quickly find the cause of the problem and to rule out more simple restart reduction system, namely the machine set, only the power to restart reel paper cutting machine, everything can be back to the initial setup. Diagonal edges automatically adjust system, simple and accurate, convenient and direct.
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