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The advantage of 3 d carton forming machine and material is what?

by:Sunny     2020-04-27
Three-dimensional paper box forming machine is a special molding machine, it can produce a hamburger boxes, four box, food box, But to go) , chips box etc. Made of paperboard and corrugated paper cartons. The advantage of 3 d carton forming machine and material is what? 3 d carton forming machine material: 1. The single PE film paper ( 200 - 600 g/square) The corrugated paper thickness from 1. 5 mm ( 毫米) 。 2. In the production of aluminum foil and double PE membrane material of paper box must be completed by hot melt adhesive system. One machine can produce a variety of different products, mould replacement time is short. Machine by PLC intelligent control system, can produce complex box. Can automatically collect, accumulation, counting the finished product. Three-dimensional box forming machine structure is firm, quality assurance, low noise, high efficiency. Including automatic feeding, adjust, gluing, molding, stacking and counting function. We are all in operation when using three-dimensional paper box forming machine, material and advantages of the device are we need to know, hope to help everyone.
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