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Some Suggestions for the use of the automatic cutting machine

by:Sunny     2020-04-25
Automatic cutting machine is a kind of wide paper or film cutting into several narrow materials, mechanical equipment, often used in paper making machinery and printing and packaging machinery, has the stable running, convenient operation, strong adaptability to yield higher advantages. Before the automatic cutting machine to work, we need to check the work if adjustment is in order, lubrication part, should be early filling grease, check whether the tool is sharp. Before the equipment is ready to run, all staff must inform leave equipment, ensure the personal safety can only be switched on; Don't touch the running film roll or roller core, so as to avoid personal injury involved in the hand; Don't cut, cut with a knife or hard objects each roller core. We in the use of automatic cutting machine should pay attention to make sure before starting the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent correct and stable. After being normal can run idle, first check with or without exception, and will be processing orders into a computer in advance single inspection; Equipment after work, should timely adjust the equipment according to the production situation of the best work state, ensure that moderate indentation cutting machine, cutting burr, right side trimming position. Ensure crosscut machine into the paper smoothly, precise cutting length, to join the production management of vertical and horizontal cutting machine, also need to constantly monitor the running status, beware of wall paper phenomenon and the generation of defective products. After the completion of the work, timely cleaning equipment dust and paper scraps, inspection on cutting tools and grinding wheel, the row of net oil water block and water in the store jar, check whether there is any abnormal on running parts. Then, according to the manual operation requirements to cut off the power supply, maintain good computer operating system. In addition, if there was a problem in automatic cutting machine, must seek professional personage to repair, must switch to off before maintenance, to avoid potential safety hazard. The above is a overview about A4 paper cutter, more content can focus on global group, zhejiang machinery co. , LTD. HTTP: / / http://www. 高堡。 Co /, we will not be updating content regularly.
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