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Snack box forming machine system is part of what?

by:Sunny     2020-05-02
Snack box forming machine is mainly used in the production of disposable foaming snack box, within 4 cm depth of ice cream cup, and biscuits in supporting and so on. All of us when operate snack box forming machine, as we all know snack box forming machine system is part of what? Snack box forming machine of the system components: part 1, feeding: feeding way, pneumatic feeding, double feeding alternating axial feeding, simple operation, safety. The length of the feeding is controlled by photoelectric switch. Part 2, heating: heating box all packed in rock soil cotton, use ceramic tile, radiation heating box can be moved around, and convenient maintenance. The temperature is controlled by intelligent temperature controller. 3, molding parts: forming method using the most close to the vacuum, pressure air, composite forming die. The vacuum pump is Germany import vacuum pump; The hydraulic station of the lower die is a separate control. 4, blanking parts: hydraulic automatic control, the maximum pressure of 60 tons, workbench controlled by photoelectric switch. Part 5, stacking collection system: stacking by PLC automatic control, set arbitrary number of stacking, automatic stacker. Collecting part is double belt transmission, pneumatic control. 6, waste winding: control method using photoelectric switch control. Snack box forming machine is the straw, rice hull, bagasse extraction of plant fiber as raw materials, such as forming agent, adhesive, water resistant agent and other additives by mixing machine forming, late to dry, plastic, disinfection. We use snack box forming machine in operation, we all need to master snack box forming machine as part of the system, proper way to operate snack box forming machine is very important to us.
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