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Snack box forming machine automation and the device is what?

by:Sunny     2020-05-02
Snack box forming machine is mainly used in the production of disposable foaming snack box, within 4 cm depth of ice cream cup, and biscuits in supporting and so on. We are all in the production of snack box forming machine, you know what snack box forming machine automation and the device is? Snack box forming machine automation and the device is introduced as follows: 1, the working process: paper & rarr; Brake paper & rarr; The rapid paper & rarr; Heating & rarr; Into the forming die & rarr; Stable molding & rarr; The finished product & rarr; Finished product automatic accumulation. Because the machine USES the air valve control, so before work you must first start pump and have a certain pressure conditions. 2, material feeding system: paper must flatter the slots on the paper and upper trough a level detection device, the paper to paper a certain amount of reserves, disposable plastic snack box forming machine, if the lack of paper will automatically alarm, below the level limit value the opportunity to automatically stop. 3, safety protection device: to prevent the accident, the disposable fast-food box forming machine, equipped with infrared protection at the bottom of the table of forming die controller, when there is a foreign body, forming dies not down, and send out alarm signal. 4, mode of operation: boxes machine for fully automatic operation, when the paper slot stacking height is greater than the level required value, the machine under normal condition can press start button can work fully automatic machine. 5, for recording the output: at any time can be preset and display products. Snack box forming machine is mainly described above these, these devices are all we need to know, all of us should know about these devices now.
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