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Rule out the failure of rewinding machine what method is there?

by:Sunny     2020-04-30
Rewinding machine including frame and assembled on the frame of cutting device, send belt device, with institutions and at least one roll with agencies; The volume with institutions including adhesive device and the take-up roll and the take-up roll rotation of the take-up motor, belt roller is equipped with core winding. Rule out the failure of rewinding machine what method is there? Rule out the failure of rewinding machine method is as follows: 1, a rewinding machine, photoelectric protection function failure, after dealing with the emergency machine can still work, but because there is no protection detection, operators are very worried about personal safety, resulting in low productivity. 2, remove the rewinding machine, circuit boards, the visual inspection, found the power around the bridge pile base board, concluded that the bridge pile has been burnt, bridge pile plus electric test, there is still no response. Measured with a multimeter, and the new change of the bridge pile have burn out, so have a short circuit. Checking each element, down from a bridge pile found terminating end voltage stabilizing block is punctured, buy component replacement, and electric power indicator light on PCB. We are all in the operation of the rewinding machine, we all need to understand the mechanical failure bring us trouble, a problem we all need to solve these problems in a timely manner.
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