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Roll paper cut machine work after the completion of some problems need to be aware of

by:Sunny     2020-05-09
As finished, dust cleaning equipment in time and paper scraps, inspection on cutting tools and grinding wheel, row of net oil water block and water in the store jar, check whether there is any abnormal on running parts. Then, according to the manual operation requirements to cut off the power supply, maintain good computer operating system. To make maintenance and maintenance work. First of all, the daily maintenance to reach the designated position, its principle is, lubrication, cleaning, cleaning, Clean, without sundry) In place to ensure that the equipment of the sliding parts in good condition. Followed by the maintenance work on rotating parts must carry on the regular and irregular inspection ( Especially to the vulnerable parts to real-time monitoring) 。 Implement a regular adjustment, change regularly, and make detailed records, to achieve the goal of extending the service life of the equipment. For electrical part to regular cleaning and inspection, promptly eliminate hidden dangers. Use high quality slitting knife and cross-cutting knife. Improving operator's technical quality and level, for to do specialist is responsible for the operation of the control part, without permission anyone may operate on its own.
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