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Roll paper cut machine trimming coarse analysis of the causes of failure

by:Sunny     2020-05-09
In die cutting production, the trimming is coarse is one of the common faults, the main reason can be summed up in the following aspects: 1, die cutting blade mouth deformation, dull die cutting pressure, die-cutting number increase and semi-finished products such as sand, are easy to make the die cutting blade mouth deformation, blunt and product trimming coarse phenomenon. So, die-cutting blade mouth parts of the pressure should be small as far as possible, to cut off the leftover material is advisable. In addition, should be replaced in a timely manner has deformation, dull die cutting knife, to ensure that the product smooth cutting edges. 2, sponge strip quality, too thick, cause deformation of die cutting blade mouth if too thick or sponge strip is good, or when the pressure is larger extrusion die cutting blade mouth, for easy to deform the die-cutting blade mouth, trimming coarse phenomenon caused by products. To this, should choose soft sponge strip, and reduce the thickness of the sponge strip at its discretion. 3, die cutting plate again and again to contribute on the die cutting plate piece of paper to contribute to increase pressure is commonly used in the production of die cutting a regulating method, but the paper block after repeated supplement can cause die cutting plate surface uneven, flatness, trimming die cutting can also cause the product is coarse. 4, die-cutting floor have a mark. Die cutting plate used for a long time, the surface will exist, dense scar, also easy to cause the product trimming coarse phenomenon. At this point, a new die cutting plate should be replaced.
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