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Rewinding machine works?

by:Sunny     2020-05-06
Rewinding machine is papermaking machinery fast running speed, the speed of up to 1500 ~ 1800 m/min, up to more than 3000 m/min. We are all in the operation of the rewinding machine, what is the working principle of the rewinding machine? Rewinding machine working principle is as follows: put down from the paper machine of paper roll in the paper back rack, paper back on the shelf brake, keep the sheet has the certain tension and broken paper fast braking to reduce the loss of paper roll. Paper picture through the paper roll and cut into the required width slitting and mechanism, and then press the required tightness and rolled paper roll diameter. Rewinding machine spindle front end with a set of fixed on the pedestal bearing, pulley installation in the middle of a group of bearing; Compressor cylinder near the base position, the cylinder is supported by the cylinder. With the top of the pole with a group of support bar to support the spindle bearing. Because the rewinding machine has a lot of artificial action process, and the relative process slows down the house of silk, artificial dynamic general statistics do accounts for 50% ~ 60% of rewinding of time, all of us at the time of operation using the rewinding machine, we all need to follow the above principle to operate.
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