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Rewinding machine with paper solutions have?

by:Sunny     2020-05-07
Rewinding machine is a kind of papermaking equipment, its purpose is to come out, in turn, rewinding paper roll of paper machine production, the paper made into finished products after rewinding paper factory. Touch paper rewinding machine in use process is a very headache, so touch paper rewinding machine solution have? 1: raw materials, not use cheap half wood pulp large shaft, due to the impurities, in use process is easy to appear on paper. 2: the speed ratio is different, some manufacturer in order to save cost, do the appearance of fine lines, measures for the processing of large grain do sandwich also has created the problem of rewinding machine with paper. Rewinding machine, must give up before starting signal, know no one in the dangerous place, press section baffles are falling below the safety facilities in the normal working state can boot, boot after below before and after the paper roll is not allowed to stand. Rewinding machine with paper solution, one of the rewinding machine is our common machinery, we all need to correct way to operate this machine. Rewinding machine meet broken paper rewinding process should stop quickly, if there are any paper bundle, the brake bottom still rotating knife roller, roller, pressure roller is not raised, prohibit to take paper.
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