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Rewinding machine safety operation procedures are what kind of?

by:Sunny     2020-05-08
Rewinding machine is a kind of used for paper, film and other specialized equipment, its purpose is to come out, in turn, rewinding paper roll of paper machine production, the paper made into finished products after rewinding paper factory. So you know when our rewinding machine safety operation, normally we rewinding machine safety operation procedures are what kind of? Rewinding machine safety operation procedures are as follows: 1, first of all, strict inspection before starting the everywhere is safe and reliable, check whether the motor, instrument and compressed air is in the ready to start running status, confirms to rear can boot. 2, boot should be a signal to the motor starting into normal after the operation, to operate properly. At startup rewinding machine should be slow to the fast speed, and strictly control the speed in a certain range. 3, the paper core is safe and reliable to top tight, neat and firm, check whether the circular knife locked cut paper neatly. 4, are strictly prohibited in front of the paper roll someone at work, prevent running roller cuts. When the paper roll roll to a certain diameter, don't continue to roll, in case of fault chain and chain. 5, the staff should be on both sides of the safe operating edge width adjustment pressure on both sides and paper. 6, if there are special circumstances need to adjust the paper round cutter should put speed in lower, stop processing when necessary, equipment operation are strictly forbidden to stretch out his hand, the body will not operate near the site. 7, not rewinding paper stick or support someone is forbidden. 8, if they do not have the paper it is strictly prohibited to put a piece of paper with the hand, just in case will hand in their paper stick cause an accident. 9, pressure roller to decrease signal, before confirm safe rear can fall, after the completion of the rewinding, electromagnetic switch must be zero, and stop the motor. 10, the paper roll, if anyone before must watch the rewinding machine, paper roll thimble is discharged, and sends a signal to determine the correct, may under the roller. 11, rewinding failure should stop processing, and to cut off the power supply, so as not to hurt. Under 12, boot, drop pressure roller, roller must signal, when the post staff operation is prohibited. Rewinding process mainly complete three tasks: first, the removal of the base paper flash; Second, the entire picture base paper cutting into in accordance with user specification width; Third, the control of the finished paper roll diameter, make it accord with the factory specifications. Rewinding machine safety operation regulation is mainly manifested in these places above, we all need to correct way to operate rewinding machine, we are operating, all need to operate in accordance with the above safety operating procedures.
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