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Rewinding machine operation process of what kind of?

by:Sunny     2020-05-05
Rewinding machine used in preliminary volume on the reel into the paper roll slitting, rewinding to finished paper roll width tightness to meet the requirements. In the process of rewinding also can remove the bad quality of paper, adhesive beheaded. All of us at the time of operation using the rewinding machine, as we all know the operation of the rewinding machine what is the process? Rewinding machine operation process is as follows: 1, the input voltage of the three front and a - Zero thread that switching to hand the porcelain, and thus to avoid electric shock. , every day to check with Allen key, 2 scrolls cross screws can be strong, found loose fastening in a timely manner. 3, insist on the whole machine cleaning, to wipe away the oil in time, the winding on the plastic article clear and clean. 4, wear, the cutting and rewinding machine of two big rubber shaft can't wear, so as to avoid injury. 5, what magic eye edge selection, distinguish between manual and automatic, manual put scroll to move around, to manually when turned off. 6, cutting using the handwheel adjustment of feeding about installation, to close the car to meet in the middle of the two switches is advisable. Rewinding machine for rewinding of various kinds of tape, paper and thin films, such as BOPP tape, PE protective film, PET tape, double-sided tape, textured adhesive tape, duct tape, polyester film tape, foam, etc. All of us at the time of operation using the rewinding machine, we all need to operate in accordance with the above process, correct operation process that all of us need.
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