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Rewinding machine operation abnormal reason is what?

by:Sunny     2020-05-07
Rewinding machine is composed of a fixed personnel to operate the packaging machinery and equipment, and can master boot, bag making process, will be simple instrument debugging, changing parameters, etc. Mechanical instrument debugging personnel must go through strict manufacturer, work procedures, operation mode, working status, common troubleshooting and processing. All of us at the time of the rewinding machine operation, how should we generally operated for rewinding machine, rewinding machine operation abnormal reason is what? Rewinding machine operation exception for the following reasons: 1, rewinding machine abnormal, copy, core tube length are correct, the core tube down to the front rail, the car is not to push core tube to later period of corresponding position, backlog of core tube in the front, automatic stop. Abnormal reasons: unknown, solution: the pipe by means of this batch of manual online change knife, will change in copy order, or change the width & plusmn; 1 - 2毫米( Usually choose the latter for core tube operator) And then reset, the subsequent batch of automatic tube. 2, abnormal rewinding machine two, change the knife right, core tube has been to the ready position, induction limit also have induction to core tube, tube but is not started automatically. Solution: reset, the pipe by means of this batch of manual online change knife, knife instead successful manual pipe, check whether push pipe near the car position limit damage interference, after inspection OK, drive, accelerate again after reset, automatically, it is OK to should be. 3, the operator on the tube too fast, did not pay attention to, in the case of rail inside the tube, reset to empty the data, and automatically the next batch of core tube, led to push tube car motor protection alarm. Later, don't worry, the paper will track all of the core tube, in the inside of the touch screen will push the car manual until the initial position, abnormal termination. Rewinding machine operating mainly described above the abnormal reasons, rewinding machine operation abnormal we all need to timely solve the problems and correct way to operate the rewinding machine.
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