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Rewinding machine malfunction how to eliminate?

by:Sunny     2020-05-08
Rewinding machine is a circuit board will be loaded on the machine, and operating according to normal procedure, check whether the photoelectric protection function, covering light eye with the hand, tried a lot of words, usually is normal, so how do rewinding machine fails to rule out? 1, a fully open photoelectric protection function failure of toilet paper production and processing equipment, machine can still work after emergency treatment, but because there is no protection detection, operators are very worried about personal safety, resulting in low productivity. 2, remove the circuit board, the visual inspection, found the power around the bridge pile base board, concluded that the bridge pile has been burnt, bridge pile plus electric test, there is still no response. Measured with a multimeter, and the new change of the bridge pile have burn out, so have a short circuit. Solution: method of rewinding machine malfunction, timely to cut off the power switch, prevent suddenly calls, cause unnecessary damage. Method 2, immediately to the paper, toilet paper rewinding machine to clean up, because of the suddenly loses power, cause of mechanical part of the paper, in order to avoid in a toilet paper rewinding machine left the paper which might affect the future production. Rewinding machine fault of the above problems, we first need to troubleshoot problems, and then according to the above solution to solve the problems.
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