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Rewinding machine failure problems and maintenance methods are there?

by:Sunny     2020-05-05
Rewinding machine is a kind of used for paper, film and other specialized equipment, is the purpose of the rewinding machine will come out, in turn, rewinding paper roll of paper machine production, the paper made into finished products after rewinding paper out. Rewinding machine failure problems and maintenance methods are there? Rewinding machine can be divided into automatic toilet paper rewinding machine and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinding machine. Exclude rewinding machine fault we divided into two steps: 1, a fully open photoelectric protection failure of toilet paper production and processing equipment, machine can still work after emergency treatment, but because there is no protection detection, operators are very worried about personal safety, resulting in low productivity. 2, remove the circuit board, the visual inspection, found the power around the bridge pile base board, concluded that the bridge pile has been burnt, bridge pile plus electric test, there is still no response. Measured with a multimeter, and the new change of the bridge pile have burn out, so have a short circuit. Checking each element, down from a bridge pile found terminating end voltage stabilizing block is punctured, buy component replacement, and electric power indicator light on PCB. Rewinding machine failure problems and maintenance methods: 1. Toilet paper rewinding machine transmission device, such as gear chain over time need add butter. 2. Note rewinding electromechanical pressure stability, otherwise easy to put the motor burned; Pay attention to health, don't let it fall between steel roll and roll. 3. Rewinding machine is generally not a problem, consumable parts are nothing more than a few small gear, if combined with a print knife easily broken, wool roller after using gears will become fine. Rewinding machine main failure problems, that is, on the above, we all need to correct way to use rewinding machine operation, method to correct maintenance of the rewinding machine, can we have our machine use more is all of us want to for a long time.
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