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Rewinding machine common faults and the method to deal with

by:Sunny     2020-05-07
The cutting and rewinding machine is a kind of mica tape, paper, non-woven fabrics and other products can be cut into two machine, also called the day of the cutting and rewinding machine. Rare rare failure problem of papermaking machinery rewinding machine photoelectric protection function failure, if photoelectric protection of rewinding machine failures, even after emergency treatment can last task, but with less protection detection function, it will threaten the safety of the operator in a certain level, reduce the efficiency of tasks. Power bridge pile of short circuit, remove the PCB visual power bridge pile, if power around the bridge pile base board becomes angry, then bridge pile was burn out. If not damage of bridge pile, need to reflect on the terminating end voltage stabilizing block is failure, the circuit board can be loaded on the machine, restart the photoelectric protection function. Demand for toilet paper rewinding machine transmission device add butter, such as gear chain components; Consumable parts for rewinding machine maintenance, if the rewinding machine, consumable parts impact on its overall though not happen the heavier, but will affect the subsequent production, like: print knife fracture, wool roller thinner; The decorative pattern of steel roller embossing device wear, etc. ; Reflection on rewinding electromechanical pressure, rewinding electromechanical pressure stability, otherwise easy to burning motor.
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