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Process of rewinding machine have?

by:Sunny     2020-05-06
Rewinding machine is divided into automatic toilet paper rewinding machine and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinding machine, automatic toilet paper rewinding machine is the difference between both is made up of computer programming, and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinding machine is no PLC computer programming control. All of us at the time of the rewinding machine operation, everyone know rewinding machine process all have? Rewinding machine process is as follows: 1, the acceptance of forefathers PLC computer programming skills, products in the rewinding process implementation after the first tight pine differential and firmness, conduction between storage products for wing of paper core is a sign of loose from; 2, stepless adjustment, each function can be manipulated independently; 3, rewinding machine, artificial pipes ( Needless to wear steel tube) , save time and effort, strange pipes device for the user to save save tube covering workshop, complete the rewinding immediately after reset rewinding; 4, pneumatic tuning products winding tightness, link products of the same diameter, elastic random modulation. 5, rewinding machine, high precision screw soft knife, knife 4 punch low noise, punch more clear, gearbox modulation category larger; Six, three horizontal paper back frame, pneumatic wide belt paper, each group of base paper frame are independent tension mediation device; 7, acceptance of point-to-point embossing, regards markings clear, light weight, can be the necessary credential users set equipment deployment steel to steel embossing; 8 points before and after, acceptance and shut traction base paper, light quiet practical manipulation. The cutting and rewinding machine including frame and assembling on the rack cutting device, send belt device, with institutions and at least one roll with agencies; The cutting and rewinding machine institutions including adhesive device and the take-up roll and the take-up roll rotation of the take-up motor. All of us at the time of the rewinding machine operation, we should all be carried out in accordance with the above process to operation, correct operation rewinding machine is all of us need to master.
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