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Paper cutting machine's main structure and working principle of is what?

by:Sunny     2020-04-26
Paper cutting machine is made up of frame, transmission, feeding machinery and the tension control device, traction components, cutting stand, winding and drain, etc. Paper cutting machine working principle is fixed on the feeding of raw materials feeding shaft end is equipped with magnetic powder tension controller for constant tension of raw material required, after a pair of rubber roller to traction of raw materials, the blade cut into bars. Paper cutting machine's main structure and working principle of is what? 1. Frame and drive system: frame around the panel and stays and feeding machine. Drive system is mainly used for drawing materials, winding, it is by frequency conversion stepless speed regulating motor will power through motor V belt traction roller operation. 2. Institution and tension device: accept institution mainly include the chain, synchronous round, magnetic powder clutch, and inflatable shaft parts. Received by a single motor control two scrolls. 3. Main components: traction components have a pair of traction roller and several hard anodized aluminum roll, a guy walking raw materials for finished products winding. Its power from the motor through the V belt is passed to the traction roller which is running. 4. Winding and emissions: waste discharge by using the blower wind duct. 5. Cutting tool post: cutting tool post have round knife cutting, straight knife cutting. Operating handle through the trace of plane CAM can make the round knife axial moving adjustment blade mouth and pad set of shearing clearance groove. Cutting machine has the stable running, convenient operation, high speed, high precision, strong adaptability, high output characteristics. Can also call for paper cutter, high-speed cutting machine, high speed cutting machine. We are all in operation when using cutting machine, we should be in accordance with the above these methods use the cutting machine operation.
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