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Paper cutting machine of paper plates is the cause of burr?

by:Sunny     2020-04-25
Paper cutting machine of paper plates is there will be a burr is a common problem, generally appear these problems, we generally in the cutting machine need how to avoid these problems? Paper cutting machine is the width of the base paper usually 3 - give them mark size 5 mm, will jump out of the scope under special conditions, if the base paper specifications for 1185 mm, we tool setting for 1190. At the edge of the base paper part may be greater than 1190, the paper plates will have burrs. Paper cutting machine, at the beginning of the run side bar paper not taut, can be appropriate when the machine is started cutting mat into the piece of paper can be avoided. Join the paper core of the paper core diameter is too big, so that when the air shaft inflation can't lock paper core and paper core when rotating sliding shift, solution, the paper core set of inlet shaft check paper core diameter size. The use of cutting machine, when turned on the power, we want to check, if already open static elimination model, which is to prevent in operation, the machine malfunction and cause unnecessary losses. Paper cutting machine of paper plates burr reason mainly is the introduction of this a few causes, the problems we all need to solve these problems in a timely manner.
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