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Paper cutter of the digital revolution

by:Sunny     2020-05-10
Paper cutter industry in China in the 90 s began to rapid development, and with the development of the printing industry, the growing market demand and quickly improve the level of China's science and technology, paper cutter industry healthy development, thriving and good situation. In recent years, the development trend of digital printing industry has also sparked cutter industry & # 8220; Digital & # 8221; Revolution, look from the cutter technology development trend, the digital printing industry trend will not change the basic principle and basic structure of the paper cutter, just for paper cutter manufacturer pointed out the development direction of the future. With the rapid development of market economy, the paper cutter industry is experiencing a & # 8220; Digital & # 8221; The revolution. In previous electric paper cutter, automatic paper cutter is popular at the same time, all kinds of nc cutter, program-controlled paper cutter, automatic nc cutter such as intelligence, digital paper cutter products began to invade the market gradually, and occupied a large market share. According to the market trend, paper cutter multi-function and automation control technology, will become a mainstream paper cutter industry development, at present, the paper cutter industry of the digital revolution has begun, many enterprises through the favorable opportunity of market transformation, have entered into a paper cutter market, increasingly fierce market competition, it indirectly promote the manufacturer of paper cutter and cutter industry digitization process. Cutter digital control makes the production preparation time is shorter, higher cutting precision, lower Labour intensity, and safety, operation become favored by printing, packaging printing equipment. Cutter the digital revolution of the industry, will further promote the nc cutter, automatic nc cutter, program-controlled paper cutter such as intelligence, digital printing equipment technology upgrade, thus effectively meet the market demand.
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