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Paper cutter cutting knife blade under the reason analysis

by:Sunny     2020-05-10
For printing, paper cutter is essential machinery, paper cutter is used for printing before and after the printing paper. Cutter, simple operation, no special requirements to the environment, as long as the power supply, can work normally. Paper cutting machine long time after use, more or less will appear some problems, such as paper cutting knife is not action, sound, pushing paper not action, etc. A user reflect to us, said the new paper knife, cut a knife, the blade has been the collapse edge. Underneath, small make up a simple analysis for everyone incised paper machine of paper knife blade under the reason? Selection, the quality of the grinding blade sharpening Angle, blade grinding clearance time affect the flatness and smoothness of the paper cutting, general blade Angle for the 19 & # 176; , if the cutting paper belongs to a hard, just need to increase the Angle of the blade, to improve the quality of the blade grinding, grinding to ensure that when the coolant is enough, to avoid edge annealing, before cutting, can use first sharpening stone finely polished edge, and apply soap and paraffin wax on the blade, such not only can improve the sharpness of cutting edge and finish, can prolong the service life of blade, cutting quality of the finished product is better. The collapse edge would happen in practice, because the operator shorten the grinding time, and the cooling fluid is insufficient, cause blade annealing, to narrow the width of the installation must be adjusting nut, in order to make the blade cut blade, if the adjustment nut is bad, make the cut too deeply, the blade will cause crack.
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