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Lunch box forming machine performance and application scope

by:Sunny     2020-04-23
Lunch box forming machine is a kind of universal vacuum forming unit, it is given priority to with vacuum forming, mould pressing and comprehensive forming, and can be processed almost all of the thermoforming plastic, the machine has reliable stability, easy operation, high yield, high degree of automation, etc. Lunch box forming machine use crop straw to make boxes, the cost of raw materials is very low, and the used boxes easy degradation in the natural environment, it is necessary to popularization in the whole society. But there was no such boxes a mature manufacturing equipment. Lunch box forming machine for utility model is a kind of paper box forming machine, belonging to the mechanical equipment field, especially used in the manufacture of paper boxes, paper plates, paper bowl, paper cups paper products such as machinery and equipment. Quick vacuum forming all kinds of open thin-walled container products, such as all kinds of western food dish, snack box, rainbow noodle bowl, candy, cake, ice cream cups, cake products, decorating plate, art in relief, etc. For food, native products, tourism supplies, textile, medicine, medical supplies, children's toys, electrical components, daily hardware products such as production of various types of packaging.
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