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Lunch box forming machine is mainly used in what place?

by:Sunny     2020-04-24
Lunch box forming machine is mainly used for forming the PSP material, used in food boxes, trays, bowls, cups, etc all kinds of packaging products. This equipment is one of the biggest advantages is set the cutting one. To produce a finished product stacking directly collected. Lunch box forming machine in the process of production in addition to the advantages of saving energy and reducing consumption, and greatly save the working area, the production time and labor cost. Lunch box forming machine is a kind of universal hot forming cutting unit, give priority to with vacuum forming, and empty molding pressure, molding and composite molding, processing a variety of thermoforming plastic sheets. Unit adopts full computer PLC control, has the advanced structure, stable performance, easy operation, high output, forming large area, high degree of automation, etc. Automatic cutting machine is a kind of universal hot forming cutting unit. Machinable various thermoforming plastic sheets. The machine can produce PVC/PET/HIPS/PP/PE/PSP, etc all kinds of packaging materials, used in food, medical supplies, electrical components, travel supplies, children's toys, textiles, etc. Lunch box forming machine machine chain transmission controlled by omron servo system, says stop, said go go, quick response; Production of Siemens PLC is a programmable, reliability and anti-interference ability strong. From the thought on the finished product, with one, maximum limit save manpower. Lunch box forming machine application scope is widespread, it is mainly used in the above these places, we all need to correct way to use lunch box forming machine operation.
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