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Influence of A4 paper cutter tool use effect and the life of the four major factors

by:Sunny     2020-05-04
A4 paper cutter sharp degree and the service life of a tool, to a great extent, affect the production efficiency of the A4 paper cutter machine. The use effect of the cutting tool and life depends on the blade material, the shape of the knife with Angle, the quality of the knife and the type of cutting material and so on four big factors. Material, a knife single piece of A4 paper cutter tool by the blade and blade through high heat welding, the blade adopts high hardness chromium manganese steel, tungsten blade using low carbon steel. Durability and the edge part of the tool is directly proportional to the hardness of the steel, the quality of the blades, the blade of the hardness after quenching treatment of HR55 ~ 60. 2, the shape of the knife and Angle on the single sided A4 paper cutter, generally use the single grinding blade cutter, the grinding blade Angle in 19 & # 176; ~23° In between. But the shape of the shape of the blade is not ideal, in the process of tool in cutting bevel face that suffered from being cut off, the pressure of the part of the paper, at the edge of the paper, friction, so cant blade was soon wear out. Double blade cutting tool has obvious superiority, help to reduce the load of the machine, the grinding blade and improve the accuracy of cutting. Cutting tool grinding blade Angle is smaller, the more sharp blade, the knife by cutting objects you less resistance to shear, machine wear and power consumption is small, neat, smooth incision was cutting products. But grinding blade Angle is too small, the strength and wear resistance of the blade is the corresponding reduced, cutting speed and cutting quality will decline. Thus under the condition of the cutting tool material allows and in considering the cutting shear resistance under the premise of size, grinding blade Angle should be small as far as possible. Three, the quality of the knife sharpening depends on the quality of the production materials and equipment, grinding process specification and the skill level of operators. Sharpen the higher quality, the service life of the cutter, the longer the better cutting quality. Four, the type of cutting material in the cutting process, the speed of the blade edge and the wear resistance of material cutting. When cutting paper, the speed of the blade edge and paper quality of a material soft hard and how much the ash content. Cutting quality is harder, the greater the ash content of the paper, the faster the speed of the blade dull. Above is influence the effect of A4 paper cutter tool using the four factors.
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